As an overview, with Tunnel Vision unfortunately delayed significantly, through forces beyond their control, the other existing licensees and others hoping to secure territories, are waiting for USA to build first, seeing that they are the furthest down the track, are building at an existing resort, and are also committed to the use of the Current Control System.

Negotiations are taking place for licensing in China, India, Germany, Spain, France, Israel, UAE, The Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Russia, with keen interest shown from many other well established developers in other countries all over the world. We have purposefully limited the number of licensees so that potential global deals will take place with minimal restriction. Once pool one is built the growth will be significant.

USA: Ocean Sports Developments supported by Sports Facility Advisory

Ocean Sports Developments and its partners are building a wave pool in Orlando, Florida, but unfortunately, due to confidentiality clauses, cannot yet talk about the client or a timeline. What we can say is that it will be at a an existing high end resort complex and unlike all the other recent wave pool developments, it will not be in some remote country-side location. Building a full scale wave pool in such a developed urban location obviously comes with vastly more complexity in acquiring approvals. However, what it will prove beyond doubt is the value of an advanced wave making technology to an existing business with over a decade of previous revenue data.

AUSTRALIA: (EXC WA) Tunnel Vision

Tunnel vision statement to the media after the Loganholme site was taken back by the Department of Main Roads and Transportation:

“The Development Application for Tunnel Vision Wave Park was fully approved by Logan City Council and The Department of Main Roads and Transportation in August, 2018. It was game on for the crew at Tunnel Vision and they were really fortunate to have the support of both the local council, state government, industry and the community. The opportunity planned to bring huge tourism revenue with over 350,000 surfer per annum visiting the park, not to mention boosting local employment and commerce to the surrounding businesses.

Unfortunately as they began their operational works in late 2018, The Department of Main Roads and Transportation informed the team at Tunnel Vision that they would no longer support the wave park on the site and as they are planning to gazette and resume the land for the future planned State controlled road ‘Coomera Connector’. The Tunnel Vision team stated that they were “more disappointed than when we saw Julian Wilson not win the 2018 world title, but we have accepted the loss (both ours and Julians) and we are still really confident in finding a location to give the people of SE Queensland the best waves of their lives.”

Tunnel Vision have an amazing team, incredible technology and financial backing to make this a reality so its only a matter of time with sourcing alternate land. We will let you know once an alternative site is sourced and DA lodged and approved.”

Western Australia: Perth Surf Parks

PSP have a number of sites in mind and the support of councils and state. Considering building a single channel linear on owned land.

Portugal: First Action Lda.

Strong council support waiting on USA to build and provide proof of concept.

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