Wave output

Webber Wave Pools has evolved its core wave making system over 10 years to adapt to an industry which has never provided one commercially successful pool. So in a sense we feel as though we are defining and creating an industry by not only fulfilling a list of key criteria but actually setting up that list in the first place. These three elements are key: wave rate, wave shape and wave control.

The concept of a ‘wave rate’ for example, so tied to the potential success of any commercial pool, was never a feature of any of the hype that was projected in order to convince investors to part with their money. Statements like this were common: “What you build around the pool is where the real profit lies”. And of course that does sound reasonable, but if the wave pool isn’t making money it will be because too few surfers per hour are getting fulfilled, and without many surfers passing through the gates, neither the pool nor the ancillary income streams will be firing. You need thousands of surfers per day, and to get that number you need tens of thousands of waves.

Our new pool configuration uses the well proven wave making principles derived over a decade of experimentation, analysis and refinement, and applies those principles to the new end pool gradients, to offer a stunning 2500 waves per hour. Only with a massive wave rate can huge numbers of surfers be fulfilled. Graduate the wave shape and size from the softest easiest beginner waves to the most demanding piping barrels, and you will not just fulfil thousands of surfers but you will totally stoke that same number.

In a nutshell you need a high wave rate, you need to make waves that surfers want, and you need to be able to change those waves from year to year, day to day, wave to wave or even during the ride.

Only with the Kelvin wake and our highly responsive hull drive system is all of that possible.

Wave quality

The waves are created at the same angle as a perfect point break, but can still be varied to be more angled or less angled. The waves do not need to bend in order to align with the gradient like some other wave pool designs. Only our waves have a trough, this is where the power is, and this is how you make top to bottom tubes.

Wave rate

500 waves per hour in the waist high to overhead range in the main channels. 250 waves per hour in the knee high to waist high range in each of the learner ends. Potential of 8 riders per unbroken learner wave. 500 waves per hour in the open zones provide knee high to waist high waves which allow for learner paddling and surfing as part of entry fee.

Wave customisation

Wave shape and size can be altered from day to day, wave to wave and actually during the ride. This degree of customisation allows for all levels of surfing to take place in the same pool at the same time. Pro surfers and surf brands can design their own signature waves which can then be promoted and made available for all levels of surfers. Only the Webber Wave Pools independent hull drive system, and the inherent physical characteristics of the kelvin wake allow for anything like this degree of control over wave shape. If you can change the waves all the time, then surfers will never get bored.

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